About & Contact Info

Contact info:

Phone: (605) 569-1051, Email: owlcreekorganics@gmail.com, Address: 12129 Sagebrush Road,  Nisland,  SD 57762

About:   Owl Creek Organics is a South Dakota small business that produces & sells organic vegetables, honey,  flavored honey, jelly made using honey or organic cane sugar & wild berries, farm eggs, and local beef.

OCO was formed with a strong belief in eating quality food that is produced naturally.

Vegetables, eggs, jelly, beef and honey are raised,  produced & made on Barnaud Ranch which is certified organic meaning we do not use any chemicals or sprays on our land. Barnaud ranch is located 15 miles East of Belle Fourche (63 miles Northwest of Rapid City). The wild berries & fruit that are used to make Owl Creek jellies grow wild on Moeller Ranch near Sundance,  Wyoming.

Bernadette Barnaud operates Owl Creek Organics.

Bernard & Laurie Barnaud raise chickens, eggs, cattle & sheep on Barnaud Ranch which is certified organic. They are strong believers in organic farming and raising livestock as naturally as possible. Bernard is an organic inspector & inspects farms & ranches in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota & Nebraska.


Tim & Teresa Barnaud own and run Barnaud Limousin. Tim focuses on registered Limousin and raises them on his ranch near Belle Fourche. Limousin are a French breed and are very muscular. Their meat is not only lean but also tender! Barnaud Limousin is sold at Owl Creek Organics & Natural Products in the Rushmore Mall.

Francois & Cecily Barnaud have land & raise Limousin cattle right next to Barnaud Ranch 15 miles East of Belle Fourche. They are strong believers in organic and natural production. Francois is also an organic inspector and does inspections in North Dakota, South Dakota & Nebraska.

Out in the hay field during the summer: Bernard, Michael, Francois & Tim.

Cattle grazing on Barnaud Ranch

A honey bee foraging on borage. 

Owl Creek chickens coming to greet me

The hoop house

Market day in the fall

Selling honey at the Black Hills Stock Show in January & early February 2018


Chokecherries that grow wild on Moeller ranch in Wyoming.